Pension Review in Dudley

  • Have you lost confidence in your pension plans wondering what they are costing you and how they are performing?
  • Do you know how much income you will receive in retirement?
  • Are you aware of the options available to you in retirement?

Making your pension work for you


Our pension review will help you see where you stand financially.  It will provide the most benefit if like many people you have pension plans with different providers or past employers that you don’t fully understand or have simply lost track of.  A typical review with advice can result in;

 Consolidation of your pension funds
 Flexible access to pension income
 Reduced charges on your money
 Improved investment returns
 Having the right investment risk

TKV Financial Management can help make your money last longer in retirement.  If you have yet to start saving into a pension plan we can help with this too.

I had lots of different pensions from various employers which in isolation looked quiet poor. Tim was able to put a cash value on these pensions which was in excess of my expectations. He then reinvested these funds in a flexible pension product which allows me to exercise the new pension freedom’s on my retirement.  So far so good I now know what my pension pot is worth and am emotionally reattached to the monies it represents. Tim has been professional and shown an in depth knowledge of the industry.

Richard C, Swindon – Client Since December 2015